Inventory Spotlight: Wicker & Rattan

Design inspo using our favorite - Wicker & Rattan

Before we get into our love for all things wicker and rattan -


We just purchased our new beautiful Peacock Love Seat, and it will arrive on the island by May! We can’t wait to showcase this beautiful piece at your next event.

We all know and love the gorgeous boho pieces showing up in our living rooms and events across the world. But, let’s get one thing straight – wicker isn’t making a comeback, because it never went anywhere. This gorgeous style has been able to adapt to decor trends through the decades.  It suggests a vintage lifestyle, but also provides a fresh, tropical vibe. 

As you can tell, over here at Aloha Artisans, we are big fans of wicker and rattan. We think these timeless designs will be here for a long time. 

Though many people think the word “wicker” refers to the material, it really is the process of which materials are weaved - including rattan, bamboo and many more.

Wicker is the first order material of basketry. The first traces of basketry are found in Egypt and then in the Middle East. It’s difficult to define when the wicker first appeared because it’s a biodegradable material. However, it’s found in writings such as the Bible and the passage on Moses or in paintings over the centuries. Wicker comes in all shapes and sizes, but below are a few ways we have used them in our past events. Use this as an inspo for your next event, or your personal home design. 


The great thing about lighting is how you can play with the quantity. Group fixtures together or hang one all alone; both methods make an impact. You can see the contrast in that sort of stylistic choice in these photos.