10 Ways To Plan Your Wedding During a Pandemic

Living in the time where a pandemic has affected the entire world, planning your wedding may be falling to the bottom of your list of priorities. From cancelled venue meetings to cake tasting, it can feel beyond discouraging to push forward with your big day plans. But fear not! There are so many different ways to still make progress on your designs and ideas, even when certain aspects may be put on pause.

1. Connect with your Partner

Now this one may seem a bit silly as lots of couples are spending ALL their time together, but this is a great opportunity to sit down together, slow down from the chaos around you and really discuss what you both want out of your special day. This time taken out of your daily activities can help you both connect as a couple and will ensure that your wedding will be a day you both will love.


Sure, this is a very broad task to get a grasp on but by stepping outside of the nitty gritty and getting the big picture of what needs to be taken care of can be beneficial to keeping your ideas, lists and designs focused and on track. This means spreadsheets, lists and Pinterest boards, oh my! Use this time to consolidate your list of vendors and their contact info. Create a checklist of what your goals are and a time frame in which you’d like them to be completed. Approach each element, one by one, and find out which pieces/vendors really matters to the both of you. When you figure this out, reach out to them, as most companies run on a first come first serve basis, and with so many couples postponing to 2021, you are really going to want to reserve your must have items/vendors right away.

3. Finalize your Guest List

Get that guest list of yours narrowed down a bit more. This will make the process of deciding on your overall design and layout much easier and can help you decide how much seating, lighting, and many other items you will need. Fun tip: If you haven't been able to set a date due to the constantly changing climate, send your guest list a digital invite via email, and let them know you will be sending out save the dates as soon as you can solidify your date. It's free! And this way, you can let your guests know they are invited to the big day, but to look for the updated invite in the mail, allowing your guests time to plan for your upcoming wedding in 2021.

4. Floor / Lighting Plans

This is such a great time to nail that perfect floor plan for your special day. Making sure to have enough space for everyone and finalizing seating arrangements take a lot of time during the planning process. With this downtime, you can finalize these plans and brainstorm the perfect amount of lighting coverage and create a functional space for your event. We have a great lighting guide that you can find below, showcasing all the great ways to light up your event.

Looking to get a bit more information regarding lighting for your big day? We have built an awesome Lighting Guide just for you! Email us at

and we'd be happy to send you a copy!

5. Create a Wedding Website/Registry

This is a great opportunity to put together an awesome wedding hub for all of your guests and wedding party to look to to keep them up to date on all the excitement of your upcoming nuptials. A website is a great resource as it’ll allow your guests to access your announcement for basic details, RSVP and can link them to your wedding registry! Whether you decide to create a fund for your honeymoon or have registered at one of your favorite stores, dedicating extra time into putting these together is a simple and fun activity that allows you both to take joy in dreaming about what your future together will look like.

Some of our favorite wedding registries include:

6. Narrow Down Your Wardrobe & Decor

Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy + getting your looks for the day taken care of?! Head to the internet and find those perfect shoes for the reception or that one of a kind tie. Enlist your bridal party to partake with the search - Have them help you find that missing piece for your tablescapes or a lovely detail to add to your bouquet. Take this opportunity to find those special gifts for your bridal party and parents as well.

7. Put Together a Rockin’ Reception Playlist

One of the more fun activities that comes with planning - the music! If you’ve hired a DJ to handle the music at your reception, take some time and head over to Apple music or Spotify and get some of your favorite songs together! Once you’ve decided on the flow of the reception, you can include songs that work best during dinner, the cake cutting and for all around boogieing down. The DJ will also most likely ask you for a list of songs you DON’T want played, this would be a great time to reflect on those tunes you can definitely go without.

8. Craft your personal, heartfelt vows

If you’re ready to get in your feels, this is a great task to work on that often gets neglected until the last minute. With this extra time at hand, sit down in your thoughts and jot down how your partner makes you feel, recount memories and why you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with them. It doesn’t all have to be serious either! But now that you’ve put time aside for this, you’ll go into your wedding day with some beautiful, personal words to share with your partner.

9. Finalize color scheme

The color scheme for your wedding is one of the base elements of the design and ambiance of your day. Whether you decide to embrace the bright, bold colors or would rather keep it classic with a small pops of a key color, find a palette that suits you best! Consider how it will be implemented in all aspects of your day and go with it! Don’t forget the lounge, finding that gorgeous seating area and adding those special colors, will only help to tie your day together and resonate with your guests.

10. Pick your Signature Cocktail

From welcome drinks displayed to bartenders creating them behind the bar, it's always a nice touch to have a signature cocktail. Our gorgeous gold bar shelves can showcase your drink as your guests enter the reception or have your bartender serve it behind our gorgeous bar.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is not the easiest thing in the world, but it does give you that extra down time to finalize your wedding, and make it that special day you have been dreaming of!

If you ever have questions, give us a call, email, text or even set up a zoom call :)


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